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Jan '18

While a great white shark’s 300 serrated teeth are an amazing hunting adaptation, what’s even more amazing is their replaceability. In a lifetime, each shark can grow up to 20,000 of them. 

shark senses gaping mouth

When this predator comes for you, you don't see the shark, you just see two-inch triangular teeth. For decades this ancient hunting machine has terrified beachgoers across the globe.

Jan '18


Seasickness is a form of motion sic­kness. It's triggered when parts of your body that detect motion, like your eyes and inner ear, send unexpected or conflicting messages to the brain. Another way to say it is that it's a reaction to real, perceived or anticipated motion.

seasick woman on boatmark twain

While the majority of our passengers usually do not experience seasickness, many of our guest’s number one fear is becoming seasick during the trip.

A boat’s movement can cause stress on your balance system which leaves you sick to your stomach, with headaches and feeling the worst you’ve felt in a while (which is why we want you to avoid seasickness on your shark cage diving tour).

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